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Your Sierra 1500 is there for you when you need it most: it gets you from point a to point b, tow the heavy loads, and puts a strong emphasis on having fun with loved ones. One right of passage for Morton area drivers is owning the 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 and being able to tailgate. It’s a skill that takes practice and creativity. Velde Buick GMC has some methods to take it to the next level. Try some of these ideas next time your attending a concert of a sports game.

Packing the Cooler
It cannot be stressed enough the importance of packing the cooler properly. Drinks should be placed at the bottom of the cooler while forming layers of ice on top of the products. Bagged items such as food can go at the top with layers of ice between the beverages. This will allow easy access to food products. You also want to keep the cooler packed tight so there is no way heat can enter and take up empty spots. The ice will also last longer if it has less work to do. This means packing the drinks in the fridge the night before the event you’re attending.

Which Way is the Wind Blowing?
Whichever way the wind is blowing, that’s the direction you want the smoke to go when cooking on the grill. Make sure you set up your grill to have the smoke out of your eyes and going along with the wind.

Use the Tailgate as a Buffet
Forget the table! Save some storage in the bed by pulling down the tailgate and setting that up as the buffet station for all to enjoy!

Keep Bed Organized
You’re either bringing horseshoes, footballs, Corn Hole, Can Jam, or a combination of these items! Make your sure keep it organized and can even have it protected by a bed cover or tied down. If you are need of a bed cover, our Morton area dealership can help with GMC Sierra 1500 accessories.

Where’s Waldo
If you’re meeting others at the tailgate, you need to stand out a little more than just saying “I have a GMC Sierra 1500.” Narrow it down by raising the flag of your favorite team or use the U.S. flag! To keep the pole steady, you can have one of your tires park on top of the base of the pole. That way, you’re friends can find you quickly when you say, “come find the flag.”

Sanitation Should not be Forgotten
Not only does this involve bringing plenty of hand sanitizer, this also means bringing toilet paper and garbage bags. Keep your tailgating area clean, enough toilet paper if you need to use the bathrooms, and avoid spreading germs with hand sanitizer.

Enforce some of these tips for your next tailgate and it will be a guaranteed success. Contact us at (309) 346-1181 if you need more tips or want to learn more about the GMC Sierra 1500.

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